Star Citizen Passes $141 Million as Dev Teases 2017 Plans

The crowdfunded PC space game Star Citizen starts the New Year with a big number: $141 million. That’s how much money the ambitious title has brought in from backers.

Star Citizen Passes $141 Million as Dev Teases 2017 Plans

Not only that, but developer Cloud Imperium Games boss Chris Roberts has released a “Happy New Year” statement in which it talked about some of its plans for Star Citizen in the New Year.

In his statement, Roberts started off by saying efforts will be made to refine and enhance the game’s engine, Lumberyard. Just before the New Year, the developer announced that it was moving on from Crytek’s CryEngine and instead use Amazon’s engine.

Roberts went on say that it’s been nice to see the positive reaction to Star Citizen’s Alpha 2.6 release, adding that there are plans in place for another update to this update. Update 2.6.1. will contain some features that “slipped out of 2.6,” as well as bug fixes and more.

You can read Roberts’ complete statement below (via DualShockers):

Happy New Year!

There are many exciting things in store for Star Citizen this year. We’ll continue to modify and improve our game engine to better suit Star Citizen’s unique needs. Gameplay will get deeper as new systems come online to provide players the chance to do more than pew-pew. I also expect exciting advancements as we integrate our revolutionary tech, like subsumption and procedural planets, into the game. On the Community front, we’ll be releasing Spectrum, our new and improved community platform, and revamping our current shows and adding new ones in an effort to best communicate with all of you.

This week Star Citizen devs got back to work after some much deserved time off. Presently the Production Team is huddled with the different team leads updating and detailing out the tasks we have for this year. You’ll begin to see some of these details once we’ve had the opportunity to refine the Star Citizen and Squadron 42 schedules.

We were happy to see positive feedback from the Alpha 2.6 release and impressed by the number of stunning videos and images being created with the new camera controls. We have been digesting both our own and your thoughts on Alpha 2.6 now that it has been live for two weeks. We are planning releasing an incremental patch, 2.6.1 with some of the features that slipped out of 2.6, bug fixes for increased stability (although 2.6 was possibly our most stable patch to date) as well as continued balance and gameplay tweaks. Expect to hear more details on timing in the next couple of weeks.

2016 was a noteworthy year in Star Citizen’s development. 2017 with Squadron 42 and Alpha 3.0 is looking to be even better.

— Chris Roberts
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IGN UK Podcast #365: What We Want Out of Westworld Season 2


Plus: why an iPhone Theatre Mode must be stopped.

The Christmas break is over so, naturally, all Gav, Rory and Joe want to talk about is what they did over the Christmas break. Super Mario Run, Let It Die and the joys of playing remotely playing PS4 games on a mobile phone because it cannot be overstated how crazy the future is.

Oh, and there are some pretty hefty Westworld spoilers in here, so do watch out for that if you’re not caught up.

In unrelated chat, find out what fashion statement Joe made as a teenager, the cool new gestures Rory’s trying to popularise, and witness an enormous sea-change in the world of Keyword Countdown. Bye!

IGN UK Podcast #365: What We Want Out of Westworld Season 2

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IGN UK Podcast #365: What We Want Out of Westworld Season 2

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IGN UK Podcast #365: What We Want Out of Westworld Season 2


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IGN UK Podcast #365: What We Want Out of Westworld Season 2

CES 2017: Play PC Games on Ultra Settings on Your Phone With LiquidSky


Get your head in the clouds.

Cloud gaming platform LiquidSky has announced a new series of plans for its service, allowing gamers to choose from ad-supported packages up to a top-tier plan that removes ads and includes up to 1TB of storage.

SkyCredits earned over the course of a month of LiquidSky use can be used to upgrade hardware access, up to its “Elite” package allowing Ultra quality games at full HD and over 60 frames per second.

The service, currently in beta, promises 30 ms latency, something previous cloud-gaming services were unable to provide. It also runs on Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac, without requiring extra hardware.

That’s not to say there isn’t an option to get dedicated LiquidSky hardware. The company is planning set-top boxes, phone controllers, and even a wireless, plug-in stick similar to streaming video USB devices. The images for future devices are just mock-ups and don’t necessarily represent a finished product, but you get the idea.

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LiquidSky is launching its new, upgraded service next month. The pay plans currently available in the beta will be replaced, including the new free-to-play option for starters. LiquidSky says its lowest package in the February release is “previously the best package,” with the Elite package being four times more powerful still.

Correction: In an earlier version we incorrectly reported LiquidSky runs on iPhone. That is not the case and the article has been updated to reflect it.

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Injustice 2 Release Date Confirmed


Ed Boon revealed the release date in a Twitter tease.

Update: A representative for WB has confirmed to IGN that Injustice 2 will release in America for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16, 2017, as previously teased by Ed Boon.

The confirmation comes shortly after NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon teased the date on Twitter, as did the official account for NetherRealm.

IGN recently featured Injustice 2 as one of the big games to watch for in 2017.

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Original story follows:

NetherRealm Studios’ Creative Director Ed Boon may have revealed the release date for the upcoming Injustice 2, or teased something else to come regarding the game.

Boon posted a photo on Twitter that simply reads “i2.05.16.17.” Boon did not accompany the image with any other text or information, however, the tweet could be pointing to a release of May 16, 2017. The NetherReal Studios account also tweeted out an image featuring the date, as well as promotional art of Batman and the Flash.

Injustice 2 Release Date Confirmed

via Ed Boon’s Twitter

IGN has reached out to Warner Bros. and NetherRealm for confirmation on whether this is in fact the release date for the DC Universe fighting game.

While the image could point to a release date for the game, it has not yet been officially confirmed that is what the image refers to. The date is in close proximity to E3, and could instead point to a live stream, WB press conference, or other potential reveal about information regarding the game.

Boon also recently teased the potential for Watchmen characters to appear in Injustice 2.

For more on the sequel, which will include playable characters like Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Gorilla Grodd, and Deadshot, check out IGN’s look at gameplay featuring Supergirl.

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Jonathon Dornbush is an Associate Editor for IGN. Find him on Twitter @jmdornbush.