Dragon Ball Super Episode 95: “The Worst! The Most Evil! Frieza’s Rampage!!” Review


A showcase of power.

Warning: The following review contains spoilers for the episode.

Episode 95 holds nothing back as we witness just how strong Frieza has become. Although centered entirely on him and his antics, Episode 95 never falters, delivering a great episode and an excellent lead into the upcoming Tournament of Power.

It’s tough to find any moment that stands out above the rest when Frieza’s villainy is on display. That’s one of the things that made Episode 95 so compelling: Dragon Ball Super found multiple ways to show off Frieza, and each was just as interesting as the last. I particularly liked Frieza’s internal discussion on how he grew in power, simply training mentally for countless years, imagining every possible way he and Goku could fight. Not only did it make for an interesting segment, but speaks volumes about how obsessed Frieza has become. No longer is he the Emperor of Evil, instead, we see Frieza the man out for revenge.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95: "The Worst! The Most Evil! Frieza's Rampage!!"  Review

The way Toei Animation handled animating Frieza this week also helped seal just how sadistic he can be. There are several moments throughout the episode where we get to see his sly grin as he murders someone, or watch as he confidently unleashes an attack as if it were no effort at all. Although brief, it’s these little moments that make his character even more believable and helps sell me on just what we can expect from Frieza in the future.

These well drawn moments help display what makes Frieza so compelling: his attitude. It’s this very thing that’s made him such a great villain since his introduction. He’s opportunistic, he’s evil and best (and worst) of all, he simply doesn’t care. Often times the best villain in a series is the one who just wants to see the world burn, and Frieza fits that mold perfectly. Episode 95 does a great job of displaying this as Frieza kills dozens of henchmen, using his own twisted justification to make it seem right. Just a few minutes later we see him drop a nearly fatal blow on Goku, all while trying to convince another Universe to abduct him. It’s one thing after another and it all leads up to a clear conclusion: Frieza will stop at nothing to kill, and the Tournament of Power is just a stepping stone to reach that goal.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 95: "The Worst! The Most Evil! Frieza's Rampage!!"  Review

For all the good in the episode, there is one minor, negative stand-out. Unfortunately, it’s Goku. Again he gets the short end of things, being depicted rather poorly during one scene. When questioned why Frieza was even allowed to do all this, Goku comments that he forgot how evil Frieza was. This has always been a thing with Goku, that he is quick to forgive and try to be friendly with people, but it strikes me as beyond absurd that he would treat Frieza the same way, particularly after everything the two of them have been through. Although it was only a small thing this week, Goku’s depiction in Super has wavered in a number of episodes and it’s about time it stopped.

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The Verdict

Episode 95 delivers an amazing treat as we get to see a showcase of evil power. Frieza makes it clear this week that he means to kill everyone he can and has no interest in holding back. His depiction is nearly perfect as the art does a great job in showcasing his malicious attitude and powers. Even with a truly absurd moment from Goku, Episode 95 makes for a great lead into the Tournament of Power.