Supergirl’s Greg Berlanti on Whether Superman Could Get a Spinoff


“In success, I think all those things would be possible.”

Superman was a very well received inclusion in Supergirl when Season 2 began, but could the Man of Steel get his own CW spinoff?

The Supergirl producers had to get permission from DC and Warner Bros. to include Superman in his guest role, and they’d have to sign off on future appearances of the character. Asked about the possibility of giving Superman his own series at the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour today, Supergirl executive producer Greg Berlanti replied, “We were just really lucky. We asked to have him on the first two episodes [of Supergirl] and they were great about it.”

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Brlanti added, “We’d love to have Tyler [Hoechlin] back. He’s amazing. He was great in the role.”

Berlanti stressed no conversations were underway with CW about a Superman series right now, but also said, “In success, I think all those things would be possible.”

He added, “I’m always the guy who says yes if there seems to be an appetite for it… and the people involved are really nice!”

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