Suicide Squad Director David Ayer Wishes He’d Made Joker the Main Villain


“Wish I had a time machine.”

Suicide Squad director David Ayer has come forward to admit that if he could go back and do things differently, he would have made Joker the main villain in last year’s DC movie.

“Would I do a lot of things different? Yep, for sure,” Ayer said in a reply to a fan on Twitter, who called his movie a “masterpiece.” After thanking them for their support, he said he “really tried to make something different, with a look and voice of its own.”

In retrospect, Ayer said he wishes he could go back and do things differently. “Wish I had a time machine,” he added. “I’d make Joker the main villain and engineer a more grounded story.”

After acknowledging the film’s shortcomings and the criticism it received, Ayer said he was happy to have the opportunity to make the film and said he plans to do right by DC fans next time. “I love making movies and I love DC,” he said. “I’m lucky to have the job I have. I have to give the characters the stories and plots they deserve next time.”

Back in December, Ayer signed on to direct the upcoming Harley Quinn/Gotham City Sirens movie.

At the end of his statement, he confirmed that “no, there isn’t a secret edit of the film with a bunch of Joker scenes hidden in a salt mine somewhere.”

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Those looking for more of Jared Leto as the Clown Prince of Crime will find a few additional minutes of Joker content in the Extended Edition of Suicide Squad.

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Star Wars: Rogue One Crosses $1 Billion at the Worldwide Box Office


Rogue One has made $1.011 billion internationally.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has crossed two major box office thresholds in the early weeks of 2017, with its domestic gross crossing $512.2 million and international gross crossing the $1 billion mark.

As of January 22th, the first Star Wars standalone film has made $1.011 billion worldwide. That makes it not only the fourth 2016 movie to cross the $1 billion mark, but also the fourth Disney movie to be so successful. Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory and Zootopia also made more than $1 billion worldwide, with The Jungle Book edging close with $966.6 million.

Rogue One also recently claimed the title of the highest grossing film of 2016 domestically, edging out reigning champions Finding Dory ($486 million) and Captain America: Civil War ($408 million).

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The success of Rogue One mirrors the success of 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. While The Force Awakens had a much more explosive box office run ($936 million domestic, $2.068 billion worldwide), both Disney Star Wars films were the highest grossing movies of the years they were released.

And don’t expect that status quo to change in the near future. There was some question of whether a standalone Star Wars movie would have as much success as one of the main sequels, but Rogue One’s box office traction proves that it’s a brand audiences will flock to. Disney currently has a Star Wars movie coming out every year through 2020, so between sequels like Star Wars: Episode VIII and anthology movies like the upcoming Han Solo flick, Star Wars is going to be a box office stalwart.

In its 39th day of release, Rogue One is also close to being the second-highest grossing Star Wars movie after The Force Awakens, as it’s passed Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace’s domestic gross ($431 million) and is close to passing its international box office haul ($1.027 billion).

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IGN named Rogue One the best movie of 2016. For more on the film, check out IGN’s Rogue One review and take a look at how much each of the other Star Wars films made at the box office for even more on the franchise.

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Logan: Marvel Comics Probably Doesn’t Exist in the X-Men Movieverse


Yes, they’ve got comics in the new Wolverine movie, just not any from the House of Ideas.

So the new trailer for Logan has shown us that they’ve got superhero comic books in the X-Men movieverse. And not just that, but they’ve got X-Men comics. Which you’ve gotta figure makes sense; we don’t even have real superheroes in our world, and we’ve got comic books. (Of course comics go well beyond superhero stories in our reality and probably Wolverine’s as well, but that’s a different article…) But here’s the thing: If you take a close look at the comics Hugh Jackman is flipping through in the Logan trailer, it appears that while Professor Xavier’s band of merry mutants have gotten the four-color treatment in that universe, Marvel Comics is nowhere to be found.

Marvel has always been the home to the X-Men dating back to their debut in 1963, and Marvel branding has always been present in the team’s books. But 20th Century Fox has the rights to the make the X-Men movies, and the behind-the-scenes scuttlebutt is that Fox and Marvel don’t necessarily have the greatest working relationship. So is it any surprise that Fox would choose to not focus on Marvel within the narrative confines of Logan? (The Marvel logo does appear in the trailer and the company will be credited in the final film, which is surely a contractual obligation.)

Logan: Marvel Comics Probably Doesn't Exist in the X-Men Movieverse

Uncanny X-Men #117 in Logan‘s universe (left) and our own universe (right)

The first comic that Logan grabs is Uncanny X-Men #117. In the image above, you can see the Logan version and then the version of Uncanny X-Men #117 that exists in our world (and was published in January, 1979). Take a look at the Marvel Comics Group banner on the real comic, which has been changed to X-Men Comics Group in the Logan book. Could it be that in the X-Men movieverse Marvel Comics itself was never born out of Timely and Atlas Comics, but instead a company called X-Men Comics was?

It’s pretty tough to line up where these Logan comics fall in terms of a specific year. Logan is set in the year 2029, but the comics appear to be old, and the price tags give us a fair approximation that they’re from similar eras at 40 cents and 35 cents, respectively. (Man, those were the days in either universe.) Also of note: Gambit’s face is in the upper left-hand side of the Logan comic. We know Fox wants to make a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum, and of course Taylor Kitsch played the character in the first Wolverine movie, so it seems the character probably joined the team at some point in the movie universe.

Logan: Marvel Comics Probably Doesn't Exist in the X-Men Movieverse

Uncanny X-Men #115 featured the character Sauron (in our world anyway).

The character Sauron appears on the cover of the Logan comic, and actually the issues immediately preceding Uncanny X-Men #117 in the real world dealt with Sauron in his stomping grounds of the Savage Land. (Yep, he’s half-man, half-pteranodon. Long story.)

Artist Dan Panosian has confirmed that he created about 10 or 12 mock-up comics covers for Logan. He told Bleeding Cool that he also inked, colored and lettered the interior page seen in the trailer, which was penciled by artist and Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada. According to Bleeding Cool’s report, there were more pages created which may still show up in the final film.

Logan: Marvel Comics Probably Doesn't Exist in the X-Men Movieverse

“Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this.”

“Maybe a quarter of it happened, and not like this,” Logan says as he looks through another issue. We see old friends including Storm (with Mohawk!), Rogue, and Cyclops as well as Professor Xavier and Wolverine himself in costume. Notice how you can actually see Wolvie’s eyes behind his cowl, whereas typically in our comics his eyes are just whited out. The cover of this issue depicts the X-Men wearing dark suits and attending a funeral, which is certainly the type of scene we’ve gotten from this team on multiple occasions over the years. But again, there’s no sign of Marvel on this cover.

Logan: Marvel Comics Probably Doesn't Exist in the X-Men Movieverse

A comics funeral in Logan on the left and Jean Grey’s funeral from our world’s X-Men comic on the right

So does Marvel Comics exist in the world of Logan and the X-Men movies? We’ll probably never really know. But then again, who are we to say which universe is the true reality anyway? Maybe we’re all just acting out some movie for Wolverine and his pals to watch over on their Earth…

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Triple H Talks Surf’s Up 2, Royal Rumble, and Kurt Angle


The King of Kings says this year’s Royal Rumble winner is unpredictable.

WWE Superstars have been paired up with the likes of Scooby-Doo, the Flintstones, and the Jetsons for animated family fare that brings different worlds of entertainment together. But in Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania — available now on DVD and digital platforms — Triple H, John Cena, the Undertaker, Vince McMahon, Paige and more get transformed into penguins (and an otter) in order to play the extreme surf brigade, Hang 5.

Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania features the return of Cody Maverick (Shia La Beouf in the first movie, Adventure Time’s Jermey Shada here), Chicken Joe (Jon Heder) and Tank (Diedrich Bader) for an all new adventure that takes out heroes to the hazardous Slaughter Island for a contest of bravery and fortitude.

I had a chance to talk to Triple H about voicing Hang 5 member “Hunter” in the film and getting transformed into a penguin (complete with taped flippers!), along with his thoughts about this year’s 30th Anniversary Royal Rumble and the announcement of Kurt Angle being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

IGN: You’ve voiced animated versions of yourself before, but this is the first time you’re likeness has been transplanted onto an animal. What was it like seeing yourself as a penguin? 

Triple H: [laughs] Yeah, it was a blast. I never really thought of myself as a penguin necessarily, but it was a cool project. Going in and doing the family projects like this, whether it’s this or Scooby-Doo or something else, the only way to describe it really is “fun.” It’s fun to do. You go in there, they’ve got this crazy story and you can be larger than life. You can sort of be you, but amped up and different and say funny stuff. It’s a different experience. I have three girls, ages 10, 8 and 6, and to see them watch these kind of movies when I’m in them and their grandfather’s in them, and other characters they know from WWE because they’re around them all the time – it’s exciting to see the enjoyment and the wonder in their eyes when they see you as this animated penguin. Surf’s Up 2 is out now and people have a chance to go grab it right now, but I still have yet to bring it home for them so they can see it. We just haven’t been home yet, so we’ll probably do that this weekend. I’m excited for them to see it, and they’re happy too because they enjoyed the first one so much.

Triple H Talks Surf's Up 2, Royal Rumble, and Kurt Angle

IGN: You have a couple live-action movies under your belt, but with all you do nowadays it seems like doing a voice for something like this is nice because you can more easily fit it into your schedule. 

Triple H: It is actually nice to be able to do it. The project is great, it’s fun to do, but there’s not the big massive time commitment of being on set all day, or for weeks at a time, or any of that. You’re not relying on doing take after take or doing it with other people. You go in there and they show you a bit of the artwork, but that’s really all you see. I worked through what was essentially a Skype call with the producer and director and, you know, they give you direction and you do the character, you laugh and you get to ad lib a bit. It’s awesome to do. You read your character, but I’m not there when Taker does his lines or when Cena does his lines. So reading the characters then seeing what it ends up being, the end result, where they all tweak their lines and how it plays out in reference to yours is a lot of fun.

IGN: WWE participates in a lot of animated projects like this one, but then you also make action, horror, and comedy films. Is it all part of trying to hit every genre? 

Triple H: I think it’s one of the big points of success for the WWE. We have something for everybody. Whether it’s our core product or the other projects we do or the films we do in Hollywood. We do things to appeal to young adults like horror movies and action movies but we also do films like this one for kids. But they’re good for adults as well because, honestly, I haven’t seen a movie that’s not animated in a long time. But I enjoy the animated films as much as my kids do because they’re cleverly written. Surf’s Up 2 is no different. It’s very clever and there’s a lot of adult humor in there with some jokes that kids won’t get but adults will think are funny. The one thing I also think that speaks to WWE is that we are very generational. It’s a shared experience. You see it all the time at events, the kids are in there with their parents or grandparents and that’s what the parents and kids bond over. It’s cool to see and I think that projects like this or with Scooby-Doo or the Jetsons, which we have coming, they do the same thing. They’re very much shared experience with families. We connect with many different audiences.

IGN: Speaking of connecting with audiences, the Royal Rumble is coming up fast, on January 29th, and it’s the 30th Anniversary for the event. As a former Rumble winner — and the winner of last year’s Rumble, in fact — what are your thoughts on this year’s Rumble?

Triple H: This year’s Royal Rumble is one of the biggest, most star-studded Rumbles that I can recall. Just look at the people who have thrown their name into the Rumble so far. You’ve got Goldberg and Lesnar and the Undertaker. When you start to look at that level of talent and then also see the Bray Wyatts and the Randy Ortons and everyone else that’s going to be a part of it, it really is one of the biggest Rumbles I can think of. Sometimes there’s a year in the Rumble where you think “Okay, I can see this or that happening. This seems like where the Rumble might be headed.” But this year, it’s really tough to call. And I think that’s when the Rumble’s at its best, when you can’t really put your finger on what’s going to happen. I can see this year going a lot of different ways and I think it’s going to go in a way that nobody expects.

Triple H Talks Surf's Up 2, Royal Rumble, and Kurt Angle

Triple H /

IGN: Switching over to someone you once eliminated to win the Rumble, it was announced this week that Kurt Angle would be going into the WWE Hall of Fame. What’s it like to have Kurt back in the fold?

Triple H: I think it’s a very well deserved induction into the Hall of Fame. We’ve had an association with Kurt for a long time but when Kurt was here in the WWE, he was one of the most impactful and memorable and iconic characters probably ever. One of the things that always stands out for me is that I was here when Kurt was coming out of the Olympics and training. And having never done this before, he went from zero knowledge of our industry to being one of the most incredible performers in the ring in the time frame of the Attitude Era where, you know, he was in there with some of the best in the world. And he very quickly went from walking to the ring for the first time to being one of the best in the world himself. It happened faster than anyone else. And that’s what I do now mostly in my day to day job. Most of my day is focused on talent and recruiting and training and talent development. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen someone pick it up as fast as Kurt. Just on that basis alone, he should be inducted. But then you throw in all that he’s accomplished, that he’s accomplished since leaving WWE even, and will continue to accomplish. I’m really happy for Kurt as a human being. I’m also happy that he’s a really good place in his life right now.

Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania hails from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and is now available on DVD and Digital. Included are bloopers and a special featurette showcasing WWE Superstars John Cena and Triple H, and WWE Announcer Michael Cole, recording their voices for the film in “Behind the Mic: Hanging with the Dream Team.” Plus, character drawing lessons from Director Henry Yu, along with a piece that dives into the making of this film’s score in “Inside the Music with Composer Toby Chu.”

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PC Gaming Hardware Revenue Hits $30 Billion In 2016, A New Record – Report

Research firm Jon Peddie Research has announced some new data regarding the PC gaming market. According to JPR (via Game Informer), PC gaming hardware alone drove $30 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016, setting a new record. It wasn’t mentioned in the report what the previous record was.

PC Gaming Hardware Revenue Hits $30 Billion In 2016, A New Record - Report

The $30 billion figure includes things like pre-built and custom-made gaming rigs, as well as upgrades like new cards. Accessories and audio systems are also factored into the number.

According to JPR, the PC gaming market for hardware is going to grow by 6 percent (compound annual growth rate) through 2019.

The research firm added that the Asia Pacific market is the global leader in terms of market size and growth for PC gaming hardware, accounting for $11.3 billion in 2016. JPR said this is due to “an entrenched PC gaming culture, large population, and a lack of significant console traction.”

“Global consumers continue to embrace the PC platform for video games due to multiple factors,” JPR analyst Ted Pollak said. “The desktop ergonomic is popular because the display distance offers increased detail when using HD and UHD monitors. Additionally there is superior control with mouse and keyboard control interfaces. This has been validated with esports overwhelmingly being played on PCs.

“Additionally, product designers have given PC gamers thousands of options for complete customization from a functionally and aesthetic perspective,” he added. “Examples of this include dedicated driving and flight systems, multi-display setups, super-powerful graphics boards, and a wide selection of gaming notebooks ranging from desktop substitutes to innovative ‘thin and light’ offerings. Liquid cooling, lighting, solid state drives, genre specific gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, notebook graphics amplifiers, and Xbox accessory compatibility offer gamers more choices than they have ever had.”

You can read more from JPR’s PC gaming hardware report here.

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